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Born into a musical family, Jean-Luc Gillet

studied at various Parisian Conservatories (where he received writing and analysis awards at

the C.R.R of Paris) with Alain Louvier, Allain Gaussin, Jean-Michel

Bardez and Stephane Delplace.


Honored at the international Finnish composition competition

"Vocal Espoo" ("Ode" for men's choir) in 2016, his music is

broadcast in many countries, including Japan, Finland, Taiwan, Italy and France .


He works with various festivals and events (Risuonanze 2015 in

Italy, 11th meeting of saxophone ensembles (Limousin)) and since 2014,

some of his scores have been published by Delatour France.


With his extensive and richly diverse background (amplified music,

multi-instrumentalist practice, piano, cello, Japanese shô, singing,

Jazz ...), his work projects a thrilling combination of the traditional, the multi-ethnic, and the contemporary.


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